Do you dream of becoming a herbalist and building deeper relationships with the plants but aren't quite sure how?

We got you!

Foundations in Herbalism Mentorship & Certification Program

A 12 Month

Community Centered

Online Herbal Immersion:

Tending the Plants, Tending Our Wellness



Limited Spots Available

Foundations in Herbalism

Mentorship & Certification Program

A 12 Month Community Centered

Online Herbal Immersion:

Tending the Plants,

Tending Our Wellness

Does this sound

like you?

🌿 Are you hearing the call of the plants, but aren't quite sure which herbal path is right for you? You long to take good care of yourself, your beloveds, your community?

🌿 Have you been feeling separated from nature and desire to develop kinship with plants and healing allies?

🌿 Are you intimidated by creating herbal remedies in your home, or worried that the expense will be too great? Are you interested in learning how to grow, identify, harvest, dry, and create remedies with the plants?

🌿 Do you seek an herbal program that is life affirming, community centered, and takes care to hold many different visions and identities? Are you interested in exploring the history and traditions of herbalism from many lineages. 

🌿 Are you interested in community herbalism and relationship building with the plants, centering them as our teachers, as well as learning from your own lived experience?

🌿 Do you long to learn ways to create herbal remedies with simple tools right in your kitchen and learn from a dedicated community of teachers who care deeply about this work and make it simple, easy to understand, incredibly inspiring and approachable!

Trust me, you're not alone.

Over the last 11 years we have helped hundreds of people just like you

to become herbalists and wellness practitioners.

I know you, like so many of us, feel a calling to connect more deeply with nature

and learn how plants can support your health and wellness.

You want to learn from plants, immerse yourself in learning

deeply rooted in respect, care, justice,  and reciprocity,

knowing herbalism is a part of each one of our lineages,

and reclaiming what has too often been forgotten or erased. 

You see the need for holistic supportive healthcare and want to help,

even in small ways, to create opportunities for care and wellbeing

that support your healing, healing in our community as well as the earth.

And I know it’s possible for you!

So many people are feeling this need,

knowing there has to be a better way,

and knowing we need to work together in community with the plants

to imagine the possibilities and solutions for our future.

My life’s work, and truly my greatest honor, is to help connect you to that knowledge so that you can go and do amazing work within your communities, starting with you.

Are you ready to begin your herbal journey today?



"I have taken other herbal programs, but this one truly holds so much depth and wisdom. The teachers are all so incredibly knowledgeable and each bring their own unique medicine to their classes.... I am so grateful to Molly and The Wild Ginger Family for continuously gathering the community near and far and holding these beautiful and thoughtful spaces for us to remember. I am not only a better herbalist because of the experiences I've had in this program, but truly a better human."



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From Stay At Home Mum To

$10K Months - Hear Rebecca's Story

What if things could be different?

Imagine just for a moment...

🍄 You learn about plants by getting hands on, approachable and simple. Just like your ancestors did.

🍄 You begin to understand language of the plants, learning through your senses and lived experiences. 

🍄 You are are part of a learning environment centering relationship, care and community.

🍄 You get the chance to learn directly from the plants and be guided by them, getting away from cookie cutter explanations and instead learning more deeply.

🍄 You learn essential safety information including how to identify plants, the basics of phytochemistry as well as herb drug interactions.

🍄 You learn to hand craft and build your own home apothecary, creating herbal preparations for your home and also to share in the community.

🍄 You learn how to blend together your knowledge and create herbal formulations and so much more!

This is our

call to you,

our community of plant people.

it is time to

step forward on your path as herbalist.

this is your chance!

" powerful!"

“It has been a blessing to learn at Wild Ginger and to be apart of the community herbalism program. The community of herbalists and educators that have shared knowledge with us has been outstanding, it’s beautiful to see such a loving commitment to growth and success. I am overwhelmed by the connections made with plants and other students in the program. The community herbalism program has helped me deepen my understanding and awareness of plants, insects and their importance. Learning to be respectful, responsible and reciprocal are just a few seeds that have been planted in my heart. I really appreciate every experience encountered during my journey in the program. Molly has really developed a wonderful program, it was developed with care and love. So powerful!"


"not your average herbal program"

“This is not your average herbal program. The educators at Wild Ginger bring such unique, intentional and experienced perspectives that I have never found anywhere is herbal programs. I have studied herbalism for many years and this program blew me away."


The Foundations in Herbalism Mentorship and Certificate Program!

Here’s what you get,


The Foundations in Herbalism

Online Mentorship and Certificate Program!


This 12 Month, Self-Paced Curriculum Includes:

MODULE #1: Home Herbalism - Tending the Hearth & Home

Our Home Herbalism lays a solid foundation in exploring herbalism and herbal preparation making. Taught by Molly Meehan Brown this is where you learn all of the most important foundational information from which you can build and expand on later. Home Herbalism is about learning how to infuse herbs into your daily life, help you gain confidence and put your knowledge into practice.  We are all about making herbalism as simple,  accessible and easy to understand so that you can begin incorporating herbs into your life, right away!

Value: $400

MODULE #2: Community Herbalism - Pouring Into our Community

The Community Herbalism Module really dives deeper into herbalism and builds upon the foundation laid during the Home Herbalism Module. This module offers our community a chance to explore herbalism, and to understand nature's ability to support our health, strength, and vitality. Most importantly this program focuses on building relationships between ourselves and the plants as well as with each other. Our incredible educators in this program embody the many ways there are to be a "plant person" and help those who join us find their unique path. 

Value: $400

MODULE #3: Bloom Series  - Deepening our Knowledge

You will have access to brand new live herbal and healing classes over the period of our program EACH WEEK! Classes are held Thursday nights at 6pm EST, and recorded in case you cannot miss them. PLUS You will gain access to nearly 200 video classes on all things herbal, birth, healing arts, gardening and beyond.  Our community of incredible guest educators bring to life the many ways to be on this plant path. *Please note there are certain pre-scheduled weeks off every year for rest and rejuvenation.

Value: $215


Bonus 1: Handcrafted Herbal Holiday Giftmaking Course

Access specially crafted hypnotherapy recordings to help you to remove subconscious blocks and limiting money beliefs so you can bring in wealth with ease and grow in confidence without lifting a finger. 

Value: $50

Bonus 2: 6 Access to EVERYTHING on our APP, INCLUDED in your registration!

Access all of your courses from anywhere, via our Wild Ginger App. You can always access it from your desktop as well. You’ll be handed my 6 figure funnel templates so you can easily start automating your business and get clients purchasing while you sleep. Passive income is on its way!

Value: $50

Bonus 3: Birthkeepers Program

This in depth course was created for doulas, birthkeepers, and birth professionals as well as people who are or are interested in becoming pregnant, their families and all who support them! 

Value: $200

Bonus 4: GET 6 ADDITIONAL MONTHS ACCESS to all course content!

Access all of your courses from anywhere, via our Wild Ginger App. You can always access it from your desktop as well. You’ll be handed my 6 figure funnel templates so you can easily start automating your business and get clients purchasing while you sleep. Passive income is on its way!

Value: $1375

Bonus 5: Supply Sourcing Checklist!

Access all of your courses from anywhere, via our Wild Ginger App. You can always access from your desktop as well. You’ll be handed my 6 figure funnel templates so you can easily start automating your business and get clients purchasing while you sleep. Passive income is on its way!

Value: $50


Earn Your Certificate!

Certification is optional and not required, however in order to earn your Certificate of Completion please read the following requirements:

Twenty Minute Final Group Presentation

Medicine Showcase - Live Virtual (Prescheduled dates held Quarterly)

Five Reflection Papers on Topics of Choice Covered in Courses 500-1000 words each

Attend at least 10 live Bloom classes

Complete all Lessons Home Herbalism & Community Herbalism Program (will be marked complete inside course portal.

Please note this is not a clinical herbalism program.

To earn certificate all requirements must be complete within one year of registration

Live Support
In this 12 month journey you

will also have access to:

  • Monthly x 60 minute online GROUP MENTORSHIP & Q&A SESSION 

    12  months of intensive support related to your herbal learning with Molly Meehan Brown coaching you every step of the way.  This time will be utilized for questions and answers with fellow students in our program. These live online sessions are a great way to show up together and hold ourselves accountable for our learning along the way, clarify any questions, trouble shoot as you make herbal preparations, bounce ideas and more!

    This is a total of 12 live online mentorship sessions over 12 months that you can access anywhere in the world, to ensure you get your questions answered! These sessions are held on Wednesdays either at 12 noon EST OR 6pm EST (we try to alternate to accommodate people in different timezones, the schedule will be posted in your student portal. These sessions must be attended live and are not recorded.

    VALUE $600

  • Weekly x 60 minute online BRAND NEW LIVE CLASSES

    Each Week with guest herbalists and wellness professionals as part of our Bloom Series.

    Value: $215

  • Seasonal Virtual LIVE Plant Walks! 

    Quarterly, honoring each season, we will enjoy a virtual plant walk to help us learn to identify common and cultivated herbs that grow and are used medicinally across various bioregions around the world!!

    VALUE $400

  • ACCESS TO The Wild Ginger Herbal and Birth Facebook Group.

    A sweet online community space where you can interact with other members of our community who have taken or are currently enrolled in Wild Ginger classes.


So what's the investment?








We have taken great care in creating this course and continue to update & add to it to better serve our community.

In the spirit of honoring our work and because we share full access to the course upon registration,

when signing up for a payment plan you commit to complete all payments.

Remember all payments are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.

We ask that everyone who registers for our programs reads and consents to our Values and Agreements,

please read them above.

While some classes provide printable course notes, the majority do not.

This is an online program, you will need access to the internet to access classes, as well as Zoom to attend live sessions.

All registrations and payments are final, non-transferable and non-refundable.

We offer a certificate of completion upon the successful completion of the requirements outlined above.

This program is created for adults age 18 and over.

This is not a clinical herbal program nor sufficient training in order to begin a clinical herbal practice.

I invited my most beloved fellow herbalists and truly my inspirations on this plant path to bring you this all star line up of classes and educators.

Check out them out below . . .

I first fell in love with plants while working

alongside my mother in the garden.

She had amazing ornamental flower gardens

full of bright fragrant flowers throughout each season,

and my dad was a chef, bringin the aromas of incredible food alive in the kitchen.

But I never grew my own food or medicine until I had the chance to apprentice on a medicinal plant farm in Costa Rica at the age of 20, working for 6 months alongside incredible herbalists and farmers. My life changed forever, I fell deeply in love with the plants, this path, and knew my calling would forever be where people and plants come together. 

I went on to study at community based herbal schools in Southern California and Virginia, as well as in Costa Rica. I loved every minute of it, the plants went from being strangers to some of my beloved relations. This only gets truer by the day.

Nothing can calm me, help me feel connected, in awe, cared for, or in communion more than being with plants, and people who love them .

A few years after that very first experience on a farm, I was trained as a doula and attended my very first birth. Again, I fell in love.  There is something innate, hopeful, and awe inspiring about birth and supporting families bringing babies into this world.  Through my own experiences of both birth as well as loss,

having been supported by an amazing doula and birth community along the way,

I care deeply about supporting birthing parents and babes alike.

Our herbal program centers integrity, justice, care, and respect of the plants and of each other.   We will show you simple techniques that are not intimidating, to immerse herbs in your life, as a steward and in reciprocity, so you can put your knowledge into practice, and in simple and manageable ways.

The plants will become like your beloved friends, little by little. 

Our Foundations in Herbalism Certificate Program is our most extensive in depth program we have created yet, bringing together courses we have developed over the last 10 years.

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