Community Herbalist and Birthkeeper of 20 + years & Sustainable Livelihood Coach  Molly Meehan Brown presents…


Rhythm & Relationship:

Intro to Herbal

Medicine Making Class

with Molly Meehan Brown

Empowering you to incorporate herbs into your life in simple, approachable methods that you can begin right away!​

In this free class I am going to share with you the foundations of herbalism and how you can begin to build a flourishing life long relationship with herbs! Whether your dream is to become a professional herbalist or you simply want to reconnect with nature and herbal traditions, this class is a wonderful step on your journey.

We will show you simple techniques that are not intimidating, to incorporate herbs into your everyday life, as a steward and in relationship built on respect and reciprocity, so you can put your knowledge into practice, in simple and manageable ways.

The plants will become like your beloved friends and supportive allies. Learn to support your overall wellbeing with nature’s abundance, where to source herbs, herbal safety tips, and how to make herbal preparations.

If you’re curious about how herbalism can transform your life, support your health, wellbeing and community then this class is for you!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1: Learn to make nourishing herbal preparations using simple tools you already have in your kitchen!

2: Learn simple strategies to incorporate herbs into your daily life, to support your health and wellness as well as save money while you’re at it.

3: Learn how to build relationships and connections with the plants by learning directly from them. The plants will be come your best teachers!


"My experience in the Wild Ginger Herbal program has been deeply inspiring. Wild Ginger has created a program that brings alive the foundations of herbalism through the teachings of profoundly gifted instructors. I expected to learn a lot in this program, and I have gotten so much more than I expected. The wisdom, creativity, and curiosity in each course has been such a gift, and I encourage you to join Wild Ginger for a class if you are considering it! Thank you so much to Molly, the team, the instructors, and all of my classmates for such a supportive, grounded community. I plan on returning for many more learning and service opportunities." Roya



My experience in Wild Ginger's Community Herbalism program reminds me of the interconnectedness between all living things. I joined this program because I wanted to continue to deepen my relationship with the plants and to be a better herbalist for my family and community. What I found was that PEOPLE are at the heart of this program. I have really enjoyed hearing the stories of my classmates and teachers and when they first answered the call of the plants. It is so refreshing to see folks who could easily pass by each other in any other setting, sitting together on the grass, exchanging stories, weaving together our history, making medicine, sharing meals, experiencing new herbs for the first time together. I have taken other herbal programs, but this one truly holds so much depth and wisdom. The teachers are all so incredibly knowledgeable and each bring their own unique medicine to their classes. But there are no notes, books, or powerpoints that could replace our time spent on the farms throughout Maryland going on plant walks, learning directly from the plants and being in respectful and honest relationship with each other. I am so grateful to Molly and The Wild Ginger Family for continuously gathering the community near and far and holding these beautiful and thoughtful spaces for us to remember. I am not only a better herbalist because of the experiences I've had in this program, but truly a better human. Toni


It has been a blessing to learn at Wild Ginger and to be apart of the community herbalism program. The community of herbalists and educators that have shared knowledge with us has been outstanding, it’s beautiful to see such a loving commitment to growth and success. I am overwhelmed by the connections made with plants and other students in the program. The herbalism program has helped me deepen my understanding and awareness of plants, insects and their importance. Learning to be respectful, responsible and reciprocal are just a few seeds that have been planted in my heart. I really appreciate every experience encountered during my journey in the program. Molly has really developed a wonderful program, it was developed with care and love. So powerful! Amanda

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