Do you dream of building a thriving business as a herbalist or birthkeeper,

but are you currently stuck trying to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle?

Let's change that!

Herbalist & BirthKeeper

Business Incubator

Build & Grow a Thriving Business

While Centering Relationships & Care

A 12 Month Immersion Program

To Build Your Dream Business

& a Sustainable Livelihood.

The Herbalists & Birthkeeper

Business Incubator

Build & Grow a Thriving Business

While Centering Relationships & Care.

A 12 Month Immersive Program To Build Your Dream Business and a Sustainable Livelihood.

Does this sound

like you?

Are you a brilliant herbalist with deep knowledge and relationships to plants?

Or a birthkeeper, passionate and committed to serving parents and babies?

Have you spent countless hours developing your craft and now have high quality, much needed knowledge to share with your community, but you just don’t know how to get started?

​Maybe you are at the beginning of your journey wanting to lay a solid foundation on which to build your future and hold your work. Or, perhaps you are struggling to make a consistent living,  exhausted from the constant hustle just to barely pay the bills. 

Are you full of dreams -  a thriving and fulfilling work life, travel,  freedom over your time and energy, spaciousness for self care? 

Do you wish you had the income to build your future, start investing, have retirement and savings, healthcare, build generational wealth,  create passive income and financial freedom?

Or are you exhausted under the weight of your schedule, time pressures and the mental load of taking care of everyone you’re responsible for?

Trust me, you're not alone.

Over the last 10 years I have seen many brilliant herbalists and birthkeepers enter the

business world with no training on

how to actually build a thriving business.

Herbal and birthkeeper training programs almost never include ANY business training at all.

Our course helps you build the skills you need

and provides simple action steps.

The truth is if you want to keep helping people,

avoid burning yourself out, create the life you deserve,

and provide your much needed service to your community,

you need to tend your business.

A business is like any relationship, it must be tended,

poured into and cared for in order to thrive.

And that starts

with learning

how a business works

and what you need to make it successful!

Every day I work with people  who have had this realization -

they are no longer trying things aimlessly

but have learned the simple strategies

to turn their passion into a thriving business.

Will you be one of them?

"DO THIS PROGRAM! Working with Molly is a game changer!

"DO THIS PROGRAM! Working with Molly is a game changer!

"DO THIS PROGRAM! Working with Molly is a game changer!

Molly helped me pinpoint WHO I truly wanted to service and from there we organised my services and offers and how to actually attract my ideal clients.

I now have a thriving business teaching yoga and meditation. to working women who stressed, rushed, and need this desperately. . We have built community and I have built an amazing career doing what I love serving who I love.

Through my business I have traveled the world holding retreats, I have regularly classes online and in person, and what is the MOST valuable is I am actually able to tend my wellness as I now have the space to do so.

This program laid an amazing foundation and got me to this point way faster than if I tried searching out these resources on my own.


From Broke English Teacher to $16k Months - Hear Amanda's Story

From Stay At Home Mum To

$10K Months - Hear Rebecca's Story

What if things could be different?

Imagine just for a moment...

No more hustling 9-5, as you build your sustainable long term livelihood and stop exchanging your time for money. You know exactly how to create a consistent flow of clients and income, so you never have to live paycheck to paycheck EVER again!

You're free to create your own schedule, travel, spend more time with the ones you love and work from where you choose when you choose. 

​You finally have your  A to Z guide on how to create your dream business. There are many ways to walk this path, and we will share resources, knowledge and networks we have developed over many years.  This is your road map.

You reframe your relationship with  money and feel confident in making an abundant livelihood AND truly serving your dream community and providing life affirming services for those you are in service to. 

FINALLY setting up the structures that support you and all of the tools to help you THRIVE!  This course brings clarity, ease and success. This program is geared towards the DIY business, the  vast majority of what we teach is do-it-yourself friendly, AND resources for connections on some of the more technical topics.

No more gimmicks that lead no where and leave you broke! We are not selling a get-rich-quick lifestyle , but rather the foundation you need to generate a plentiful income, build a secure future,  have more freedom over your time and life energy - all while moving with intention,  integrity and care.

Your online or in person business is THRIVING and you not only meet all your financial needs but have spaciousness to invest in your future AND in experiences that you love! You create financial freedom and independence, you start investing,  and are able to build generational wealth for yourself and your family.



"I actually work less now than I did before"

When I began as a doula 5 years ago it was my heart's work and such an honor to serve my community. Over the years while my word of mouth referalls have grown, as have my skills. At this point as a mom of two young children, I needed more flexibility while continuing to serve. The way I was working was not sustainable.

Molly helped my map out my skills and I now offer a full suite of services including several educational workshops and series which has allowed me to serve more people, broaden my impact, and significantly increase my income. What's wild is I actually work less now than I did before just working one on one.

She walked me through step by step and empowered me to learn the skills to take my business to the next level while being more manageable.

The back end of running a business was a big mystery to me and I'll admit I was intimidated, however the platforms Molly has introduced to me are all very simple and easy to use. The best part is she taught ME how to do it, so I can maintain everything myself and I don't have to pay anyone else to do it for me

The Herbalists & Birthkeeper Business Incubator

This program was created just for you, your A to Z Roadmap.

We go step by step.

Replace the worry and stress​

with actionable steps that get you to your goal.

The Business Incubator Program is developed especially for you,

as an herbalist, plant person, flower essence practitioner, birthkeeper, & healing arts practitioner.

We are addressing your specific set of needs, we know because we've been there.

There is no other program

like this out there,

we have included all the tools we wish we had from the beginning.

We are here to help you build the

structures that will support

and sustain you in

creating the life you envision

while being of service to your community.

This program is geared towards the small scale business,

whether you are looking to get started

or need solutions to help gain sustainability

in a business you have already established.

The vast majority of what we teach is do-it-yourself friendly,

though we provide resources for connections on some of the more technical topics.

​Our Program will bring clarity and demystify running a business, help you develop the structures that support you, and give you the tools to thrive!

Here’s what you get, inside 

The Herbalist & Birthkeeper Business Incubator Program!
Your 12 Month Immersion Includes:


Relationship & Service Centered Vision, Mission, Skillbuilding

Let’s dive deep into your skillset and craft your vision and mission for your dream business, and hone in on the who, what, when and how you will be in service to your community! What are the needs of those you serve? What does success look like for you, what is your version of a sustainable livelihood. Let’s define where we are going so we can plan step by step how to get there. Whether online or in person here is where we will gain clarity on your business and identify the skills you have as well as those that could best serve you moving forward, along with resources for further learning.

VALUE: $500

MODULE #2 Business Foundations - Getting All Set Up

You can’t start a business without starting a business. Here we establish all of the very important foundational structures that will hold your business, in an approachable step by step way. We will go through the foundations of establishing your legal business structure,  exploring permitting, zoning, registration at the state and federal level. Overview of your needs such as insurance to liability, banking to bookkeeping and tax basics, and even saving for retirement we are here to help this be simple and easy to understand! While many of these skills translate globally we speak most specifically toward the United States.

VALUE: $500


Establishing Your Presence - Let the World Know Who You Are!

From establishing your brand identity, logo, to your website, newsletter, social media presence and more, we cover it all! This is all easy step by step DIY friendly that you can both create and maintain on your own! These are simple, foundational and extremely important parts of creating your dream business and carrying it forward, from the little details like brand colors and fonts to the big picture including your voice and message!

VALUE: $500


Products and Services, Step by Step Sales

In this module you will craft your specific products and services, and structure your offers. You’ll learn the art of establishing your pricing and pricing structures that set you up for success.  We go deep into strategies to create sales offers that feel authentic, are full of quality and integrity while also EFFECTIVE at bringing in sales. For product makers we cover packaging, shipping, compliant labeling and more!

VALUE: $500


Marketing, Building Your Network, Attracting Clients

Here we will explore how to build your network and community both online and in person. These connections then translate into leads and bring continuous clients to your business.  We establish your communication systems, newsletter list and opt in offer, learning to create magnetic marketing content that offers value, engages your community, builds trust and translates into sales. You’ll learn about how collaborations and we will cover both organic and paid digital social media advertising basics, and the role of testimonials to build trust.

VALUE: $500


The Structures that Hold You - Simple Tech  & Automation +

We will dive into all of the structures that can help hold your work, from your options for client registrations, information management and scheduling systems, newsletter and social media automation and so much more! We will also help you learn strategies to better serve community while saving you time through automating key areas within your business so sales run slick and smooth even when you’re laying on the beach or spending time with your loved ones.

VALUE: $500

MODULE #6 (continued)

Scaling for Long Term Sustainability

Here you will learn how to strategize scaling your business. We teach you strategies on how certain areas of your business can make a larger impact, serve more people, while bringing in more income without you having to do any more work. As you learn to scale your business, your income capabilities are uncapped.

VALUE: $500


Bonus 1: DIY Promotional Images

Learn to create beautiful branded marketing images for you website, social media and marketing materials that represent your work and help bring in your audience.

Value: $50

Bonus 2: Overview of Regulations, Permits, Certifications & Compliance

As Herbalists and Birthkeepers it is important to be aware of what is required of you regarding permits, certifications, regulations and both labeling and using legally compliant language. We will make sure you have this all on your radar. (Oriented toward the United States.)

Value: $100

Bonus 3: THE Supply List - Where to get all your supplies for product makers!

We will give you the insiders hook up on all our favorite places to get product making supplies including high quality herbs, packaging, labels, bottles and more! 

Value: $50

Bonus 4: Sample Annual Income Roadmaps for Herbalist’s & Birthkeepers

We literally map it out for you, we include several step by step strategies with ideas of how to make an abundant income as an Herbalist or Birthkeeper each year!

Value: $100

Bonus 4: 100+ Page Digital Course Pack 

Our Business Incubator Program Course pack has it ALL, including over 100 pages of notes, templates you can use customize in your own business, in depth course notes, journal and vision entries and more!  

Value: $400


"Molly's Business program is the answer to my prayers as a small business owner just starting out."

"Molly's Business program is the answer to my prayers as a small business owner just starting out.

I have taken a number of courses and worked with other coaches who never really supported me in the FULL picture. In this course, Molly walks you through the practical components of making a business plan, registering your business as an LLC, sole proprietorship etc. as well as the creative components of visioning and dreaming around success. The full freakin package!

I have never felt more at peace with my business than when taking the steps in this course. Within the first few modules, I created my business plan, registered my business as an LLC, created a vision board on what success looks like to me, and casted a vision on my wildest dreams for my business. When i got clear, the community responded. I got two contract gigs after months of a lull.

Overall, I have already sent this course to tons of friends. It may very well be the only business course you need. I cannot believe the price, she clearly is making sure it is radically affordable and accessible to all of us, her content is worth thousands in my opinion

Live Support
In this journey you

will also have access to:

  • Monthly x 60 minute LIVE GROUP COACHING SESSIONS

    12  months of intensive support, feedback and accountability related to launching your online or in person business with Molly coaching you every step of the way.

    This is a total of 12 live online group coaching sessions over 12 months that you can access anywhere in the world, to ensure your business launch runs smoothly and is built for long term success!  Group coaching is held for one hour after each group expert training and these sessions are not recorded.  Most group coaching sessions are Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST , some at 1pm EST, based on the guest expert schedule. Rarely that may need to change that based on circumstances.

    Value: $1000

  • Monthly Bonus LIVE Workshops from Guest Experts with Q&A

    Monthly x 60 minute workshops with guest experts and industry leaders on everything from marketing, branding, GMP compliance, legally compliant labeling, sales, social media, bookkeeping, taxes, business incorporation, and financial management and more! You will have access to these workshops live so you can ask questions or watch them later on demand when you need them. Live workshops with guest experts are held monthly Wednesday evenings at 6pm EST, and some are at 1pm EST. On special circumstances they will be on a different date and time based on teacher availability and time zone changes, all classes will be recorded and included in your course portal.

    Value: $2400

So what's the investment?







We have taken great care in creating this course and continue to update & add to it to better serve our community.

In the spirit of honoring our work and because we share full access to the course upon registration,

when signing up for a payment plan you commit to complete all payments.

Course Access begins immediately. All payments are final, non-transferable and non-refundable

When signing up for a payment plan you agree to have us charge your card for nine payments of $199 each over nine months.

For payment plans course content will be delivered month by month.

A little over a decade ago I was working at a non-profit serving the community I loved. 

I had already been studying herbalism for 10 years at that point, 

and had trained as a doula as well,

but had not been working consistently as either.

The reality was I couldn't stand being toggled to a desk anymore.

I really loved WHAT I did, I loved who I worked with.. 

But the structure was suffocating. The “stability” of a job also put a cap on what and how I could create, and put a cap on my income earning potential.  I was going backwards financially despite working two jobs and side hustles.  In fact after having gotten a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development and Management I was stuck in major student loan debt and making LESS hourly than I made at my college summer job. 

I didn’t have freedom over my time, I didn’t have freedom over my whereabouts. 

I could accomplish my job and do it well in so much less

than the required 40 hours a week of showing up to an office.

I had so much more creativity,  so much more I wanted to give. 

So I began  Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center,

and held programming on weekends.

The next year I quit that job,

as soon as I did that I’ve never looked back. 

Steadily I developed deep relationships with fellow herbalists and birthworkers, community members to work with and over the last 10 years Wild Ginger has now served thousands of people through our community programs in Maryland and Costa Rica, and online!  One of the greatest gifts is now to get the amazing opportunity to see our past students go on to create amazing community rooted herbal and birth projects that have only strengthened our communities! 

Working for myself I have control over my time and schedule, I am in service to the most wonderful community I could ever hope for, and am no longer tied to an office. (or florescent lights ! ) I no longer deal with bureaucracy and opened up more time for freedom and creativity in my life.  This work supports our family and allows us to do what we love,  I have been able to be  present with my kids and our family, we live in two countries and actively create the life that works for us year after year! AND I truly love what I get to do for a living, I am deeply grateful and humbled by the food fortune I have had for this opportunity and the meaningful relationships we have built.

I know it may sound like a big impossible dream.

But it’s true.

I did it and so can you. 

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